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Sheng-Pu pharmaceutical only uses the best natural herbal ingredients. Find more about Sheng-Pu’s Chinese Herbal Medicine and Health Supplements.

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Your Health, Our Commitment. Learn more about our belief, mission, and commitment.

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Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu applies Chinese herbal medicine, regimen, and Zen to help you understand the relationship between our body and everything around us to keep healthy.

Your Health, Our Commitment.

In addition to preserve the treasure of traditional Chinese medicine, Sheng-Pu’s mission is to study the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicines and prescriptions for people’s needs nowadays. Sheng-Pu adopts various scientific testing methods to evaluate the efficacy of the medicines accurately and strictly controls the quality. We select the best herbs and provide the best medicines. Our establishment in the U.S. combines Chinese and Western herbal essence to provide high-quality Chinese Herbal Medicine and Health Supplements, and to provide professional information and services. Sheng-Pu, the expert in traditional Chinese medicine.

Why Choose Sheng-Pu?

  • 100% natural and highest quality herbs – our products are made with the best traditional Chinese herbs.
  • 100% made in Taiwan – we do not contract other companies.
  • Specially produced with tradition -offering you the best medicine.
  • GMP certified pharmaceutical factory – assuring you the safety.
  • More than 50 years of clinical experience – Dr. Lee Sheng-Pu specializes in treating patients with traditional Chinese medicine.

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Sheng-Pu Chinese medicines are sold in Sheng-Pu Licensed Pharmacies and Chain Stores. For more information call Toll Free Help Line 0800-359-588
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