Joint effort with research team of University of Southern California

Sheng-Pu has entered its 50th year since its start. With the aim to study Chinese Medicine scientifically, we invested in a four-year research and testing of Chinese herbs in the Pharmacology and Toxicology department as well as the Neuroscience department of USC. The research results have been published in the The American Journal of Chinese Medicine and Hepatology. In addition, the establishment of Sheng-Pu North America factory made it possible to use the latest technology to produce high-quality and curative Chinese herbal medicine under strict quality regulations. We continue to cooperate with American universities and research institutions.

We conduct our research to help spread the wisdom of Chinese medicine to the West and to promote Chinese medicine in the international stage.

Research Reports

Since our research reports are published in the journal, we cannot provide the original copy. Here’s a link to the study of SP Pro-liver Pill (YGW) at the National Institutes of Health:

Protective effect of SP Pro-liver Pill (YGW) on chemical liver injury in mice

SP Pro-liver Pill (YGW) protects mice against apoptosis induced by anti-Fas antibody (Jo2)

SP Pro-liver Pill (YGW) protects the liver