SP Children’s Health Powder

  • Promotes healthy spleen and opens appetite
  • For children over 2 years old
  • 50 bags

The path of lifelong health is established from an early age, and good nutrition is the key to a child’s physical development and growth.

SP Children’s Health Powder uses precious herbs to help promote healthy body at an early age. Children under 8 years old are susceptible to virus and wind chill as their immune system is weaker than adults. They might catch a cold easily, lose their appetite and fall sick. SP Children’s Health Powder can strengthen the spleen and stomach function and help children’s digestion, thus to support better nutrition and boost immunity.

Digestion problem of your children?

  • Lack of appetite
  • Bloating
  • Feces not normal
  • Weak body physic
  • Poor immunity
  • Stomachache, constipation

Why SP Children’s Health Powder

  • Strengthens the spleen and stomach function
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves Appetite
  • Strengthens the body
  • Helps digestions
  • Natural Chinese Herbs

Precious herbs used can treat Qi deficiency and promotes spleen health and stomach function by dispelling body dampness.

This medicine is mild. Dolichoris Semen removes dampness for regulating stomach; Ginseng Radix restore vital Qi in spleen and stomach; Poria eliminates dampness and diuresis;  Atractylodis Rhizoma clears heat and removes phlegm; Glycyrrhizae Radix promotes healthy stomach and detoxifies; Dioscoreae Rhizoma benefits spleen, stomach, lung, and kidney; Nelumbinis Semen treats diarrhea; Platycodi Radix clears feces; Coicis Semen benefits lung and clears heat; Amomi Semen strengthens stomach function.  There will be visible improvements after taking, it will benefit the children’s digestive health, thus to improve symptoms like weak digestion, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea. 

License: 衛署成製字第014773號 桃市中藥廣字第1070710041號

IndicationsTreats Qi deficiency,  eliminates dampness and diuresis, strengthens stomach function
IndicationsPoor digestion, lack of appetite
UsesTake three times a day before or after a meal with warm water. Honey can be added into the water. 2-5 years old: take 1 bag each time; 6-10 years old: take 2 bags each time; 11-15 years old: take 3-4 bags each time; over 16 years old: take 4 bags each time.
Contents1.5g per bag, 50 bags

(1g contains)

白扁豆Dolichoris Semen98.8mg
甘草Glycyrrhizae Radix128.8mg
桔梗Platycodi Radix64.3mg
人參Ginseng Radix128.8mg
山藥Dioscoreae Rhizoma128.8
薏苡仁Coicis Semen64.3mg
蓮子肉Nelumbinis Semen64.3mg
砂仁Amomi Semen 64.3mg
白朮Atractylodis Rhizoma128.8mg