SP Stop Cough Powder

  • Anti-cough and expectorant.
  • 3g/ sachet; 6 sachet/box

Description of effects

Only the air you breathe is free!

Healthy lungs adapt to various temperature changes. “Sheng-Pu Stop Cough Powder” is made from select traditional Chinese herbs and formulated using traditional techniques. In this formula, Platycodi Radix clears the throat and expels stagnation of Qi in the chest; Dendrobium calms the Stomach and nourishes deficiencies and reduces fatigue; Pinelliae Tuber moistens the lung, eliminates dampness and eliminates phlegm; Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae expels heat, moistens the lungs, and clears internal heat. Fructus Perillae dispels wind, helps relieve asthma, and moistens the heart and lungs; Poria to remove dampness and diuresis; Menthae Folium to cure coughing phlegm and remove bad breath; Armeniacae Semen to purge the lungs and moisten the voice; Mori Cortex to relieve coughing and clear phlegm. Exocarpium Citri Rubrum is used to regulate cough, dispel phlegm, induce diarrhea, eliminate stagnation and eliminate phlegm; Wheat grass is used to nourish the vital energy in the lungs; Glycyrrhizae Radix is used for diarrhea and tonification. The combined use of these herbs has the effect of relieving cough, expectorating phlegm, moistening the lung and benefiting the lung qi.

Coughing can be characterized as coughing with phlegm, dry coughing, or phlegm coughing without sound. The cause of coughing can be divided into two categories: external cough and internal cough. External coughs can be characterized as having yellow nasal discharge, yellow mucus or dry cough without sputum, or sputum that is scanty, sticky and not easy to cough up, possibly with blood in it. An internal cough is characterized by breath from the lungs rising up, condensed phlegm in the throat, a red face and dry throat, chest pain and distension or recurrent cough, turbid coughing sound, easy gurgling of phlegm or coughing. Cough with thick, yellowish sputum or dry cough with little sputum, blood in the sputum, hoarse and short coughing sound. Although coughing is a minor illness, it is also a problem in social interactions and can be contagious. If not properly treated, the condition can worsten and become more difficult to treat.

License: 衛署成製字第014077號

IndicationsAnti-cough and expectorant.
Recommended UseDepending on cough condition, Adult dosage is 3g (1 sachet), 3-4 times daily. For Children 8-15 years old, dosage is 2g (2/3 sachet); 5-7 years old, dosage is 1.5g (1/2 sachet); 2-4 years old, dosage is 1g (1/3 sachet).
Contents3g/sachet ; 6 sachet/box

(Every 1000mg contains)

川貝母Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosue105.3mg
半夏Pinelliae Tuber105.3mg
橘紅Exocarpium Citri Rubrum52.6mg
桔梗Platycodi Radix105.3mg
甘草Glycyrrhizae Radix26.3mg
杏仁Armeniacae Semen78.9mg
蘇子Fructus Perillae105.3mg
桑白皮Mori Cortex78.9mg
薄荷Menthae Folium78.9mg
麥芽Wheat grass52.6mg